So now that you've decided to get your home inspection, there are a few things you will want to take in to consideration. First give us a call and schedule your inspection. There is some basic information about the property and everyone involved that I will need to obtain (location of the property, square footage, names and contact info for the agents involved, etc.) Always take in to consideration the home owner's schedule or if there are any occupants still living in the home. Schedule your inspection as early as possible, so that you may have time to address any issues we may find. Once we schedule the inspection, I will contact the listing agent and make arrangements, or if the house is for sale by owner you will need to make arrangements for entry to the property and to ensure that the house will be open and ready for the inspection. Here is a list of some of the major things that should be done to prepare for the inspection:​ 

  • *Be on time to open the house and be prepared to leave, or deal with the home inspector's presence in the home for a period of at least four hours. The home inspector works for the person who hired him. The home inspector will not answer questions or argue with home owners over deficiencies discovered during the inspection, although the home inspector may ask homeowner (if available) questions regarding suspicious items identified during the inspection. The inspection process is an unbiased evaluation of the home and its systems condition. 

  • *Move as many items as possible away from walls. A home inspector will not move items away from walls because of the liability associated with breaking someone's personal property.

  • *Secure pets in areas that are not to be inspected. Home inspectors will not inspect areas occupied by pets. There is too great a risk of a homeowner's pet escaping to the outdoors, or the pet becoming violent and injuring the pet or home inspector.

  • *Trim the vegetation around the house so that the home inspector can get a good look at the foundation from the outside and ensure proper drainage.

  • *Keep the utilities on. Major operating systems can not be properly tested without utilities.

  • *Remove items from around the furnace, water heater, circuit breaker boxes, and air conditioner to provide plenty of work space for the home inspector to properly inspect them.

  • *Remove dishes from the dishwasher or prepare the dishwasher with soap. The dishwasher will be operated through a full cycle.

  • *Make sure the access to the attic and crawl space is clear so that the inspector can gain access.


On the day of the inspection, you are welcome to accompany me around as I work. Just be aware that I will be working with high voltages and climbing ladders that you will not be allowed to assist in or climb on. Also know that there will probably be a lot of down time for you, as I will be typing notes and adding pictures, etc. to the report. The typical inspection may take 4-5 hours or more. You may want to just plan on meeting me at the property for the last hour or so. Then I will be finalizing the report. Before delivery of the report, I will need a signed copy of the pre-inspection contract in my possession. I will then collect payment and print you an invoice/receipt, if we have not already. After that, in most cases, I can have your report printed with color photos of my findings and be ready to give you a walk thru, pointing out anything that has a  defective or marginal rating, and answer any questions you may have about anything in the report. If the meeting is not possible or we can not print the report there, I will always email the final report to you by that night or next day at the latest. Also be aware that you are the only one that will receive a copy of the home inspection report. If you would like anyone else to have one, then you will need to provide it to them, or sign a release allowing me to email them a copy also. I look forward to serving you, and thank you so much for choosing Signature Home and Property Inspections.