What is a Home Inspection?

 A home inspection is a general, non-invasive, inspection of the readily accessible installed systems, components, and structure of residential dwellings by a trained professional that is certified by the state to perform inspections. The home inspector will follow guidelines set forth by their governing body when performing their inspection. We will be looking for many potential safety hazards as well as any visible conditions that may exist that could be causing one of these components to not be working as they were designed. 

The home inspection is an unbiased, third party, evaluation of the integrity of the dwelling and the functionality of its systems and components. We are trained to give an in depth overall inspection to the property, as a whole, and to all of readily accessible systems and components, using normal operating controls, and report  on all of our findings. 

We are trained to look for defects in  all of these systems, to see if they are all are functioning as they were intended, and to help give you piece of mind that you are making a sound purchase.  Below is a great diagram of what to expect the home inspector to report on: